Brighton Brunch Roundup

For a city as social and foodie as Brighton, brunch is the perfect weekend meal (other than a roast). As a meal, it fulfils a social function that breakfast seems incapable of (no talking before coffee please), while also allowing for socially acceptable drinking before lunchtime.

Generally served from anywhere between 11 am to 3 pm, brunch is adaptable to a good many types of occasion from the late start necessity to the celebratory.

Bottomless Brunch

The Time Of The Bottomless brunch

With Covid-19 restrictions seeing our favorite restaurants and boozers closing shop at 10 pm, we’re having to find alternative ways to squeeze as much fun out of the day time as possible. The recent increase in demand for Bottomless Brunches is surely a testament to our true brit “make hay spirit” and when there are still many great venues offering the Boozy Brunch option we say “get to it”.  Check out our pick’s for the most bootylicious Bottomless Brunches in Brighton



Flour Pot bakery Brighton Beach. breakfast Brighton. Brighton Restaurant Awards

Brunch on the beach

Clear the cobwebs from the night before with brunch on the beach. Crisp early(ish) starts combine wonderfully with hot coffee and gooey eggs while watching the seafront come alive. Top brunch choices include The New ClubWest Beach Bar and Kitchen and Lucky Beach. For more seafront eating check out our Brighton Beach page.

Breakfast Brighton at Small Batch Coffee Norforlk Square

Brunch with a punch

“Black gold”, “go faster fuel”, “Joe”, coffee goes by many names and for many in Brighton, brunch with an inferior bean is the stuff of pure rage. We recommend local roasters Trading Post Coffee and Red Roaster both of which have ample bunch options to accompany a cup that will keep you happy. Here’s our pick of the best coffee shops in town.

Food at Starfish and Coffee Brighton. breakfast Brighton. Brighton Restaurant Awards

Family Feed

For a good family feed, perhaps as part of your day out, plenty of venues serve good quality child approved food. Best for brunch in young tumm’s however is BRAVO 2019 ‘Best Cafe Culture’ winner Starfish & Coffee and Bravo Best Brunch Winer Cafe Moksha both have brunch menus that are popular with all ages. Head over to Hove for family-friendly and delightfully homemade dining at V and H Cafe.

Brunch with your bunch

Where to go for the social vibe, where brunch is the meal that facilitates gossip or lines the stomach for the big weekend? Kooks in the heart of the North Laine is a great muso, arty spot embodying the cafe culture of Melbourne. Mange Tout at the Northern-most end of the North Laine seems psychologically a good place to start your day in Brighton, and happily offers excellent social vibes and top quality brunch. The Coppa Club in Brighton Square is a spacious and stylish brunch destination, even more so if you can bag one of their igloos for your crew.

Breakfast at Grow 40

Plant-based brunch

Most venues wanting to survive in Brighton will need at least one very strong vegan option, some better than others, we’ve put together a selection of the best plant-based brunches in Brighton to help you choose.