Dry January: six sin-free drinks

Going alcohol-free for ‘Dry January’ doesn’t have to be all about tap water and fruit juices. In fact, many of Brighton’s non-alcoholic options are more tempting than beers and wines. Here are six of our favourites:

If January has you feeling a little lost, try the cold brew tonic at Plateau. Think an alcohol free twist on an Espresso Martini. Theirs features homemade cold brew coffee, plateau’s orange and cardamom syrup, finished with tonic. Or try their Pomegranate Punch and Bitter Lemon mocktails.

New and exiting UK brewery, Big Drop, is dedicated to producing low ABV beer that still delivers 100% on flavour. With alcohol levels no more than 0.5%, check out the selection at The Western.

Brighton based Kombucha brewery, Selene, make handcrafted, raw, fermented tea-based drinks that are seriously good for your gut. With flavours such as Lavender Lemonade and Black Grape, head to Smorls Kitchen in the open market to get your hands on a bottle (trying one of their famous falafel dishes while you are there!)

For those who think you can’t beat a good Gin and Tonic, try Seedlip, the ‘nature company’ who are working ‘to change to the way the world drinks’ with the first non-alcoholic spirits on the globe. Sophisticated and in our opinion one of the best dupes out there, head to The Walrus to give it a go.

GungHo provides many non-alcoholic alternatives, from homemade seasonal sodas to mocktails using hedonistic ingredients. Try drinks infused with damiana and lion’s mane mushroom which can provide some natural ‘elevated’ effects; so you can still have a good time off the booze!

If a breath of fresh air is what your January requires, stroll on over to Malmaison in Brighton Marina and dry their Resolution Sour. A heady mix of lemon juice, elderflower cordial, fresh blueberries and kiwi fruit, topped with creamy egg white. Also, try the Superfood Smoothie or the Dry G&T.