We want to know where encapsulates the spirit of this city.

Love us or hate us (and there really is a divide), Brighton’s certainly on everyone’s radar. We wanted to know what venue best describes us? And is that jealousy we see looking in from outside the bubble?

BRAVO to your 2018 Most Brighton venues.

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1st place
No newcomer to the category of Most Brighton; Marwood's eclectic mix of memorabilia, mismatched furniture, kicking coffee and killer cocktails knocked it out the park for a second year running.
2nd place
Bright colours, strong flavours and high spirits (did someone say tequila?). La Choza's vibrancy and vitality spoke to your adventurous spirits, and now with a second venue they can speak to more of them at once.
3rd place
A truly unique offering from Silo shot them into the top 3 for Most Brighton. Zero waste, plenty of taste, you can have dessert with absolutely nothing to feel guilty about.