There’s plenty of choices but which venue gets your mouth watering? Are the potatoes crisp, the gravy rich and the veggie option imaginative?

Atlantis, the Fountain of Youth, the perfect Sunday Roast; all quests that have inspired people to explore far and wide – you explored, you ate, you scored.
BRAVO to your favourite Brighton and Hove Sunday roasts.

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1st place

Hot tipped this year, noise about the Southern Belle, formally the Iron Duke, has been heard far and wide. Many intrepid Brightonians were encouraged to trek into Hove for a Sunday afternoon, whilst many a Hovite gleefully took a gentle stroll.

The Ladies Mile, pub, Patcham
2nd place

Tisbury's Kitchen - The Ladies Mile Pub

Family oriented pub The Ladies Mile has had its kitchen run by chef Russell Tisbury since 2015. Proving that the Sunday roast is not only an opportunity for great food but for connecting people, Russel has worked with the charity Impetus to put on the largest Sunday roast for people affected by loneliness.

3rd place

When asked how you like a great roast you answered ‘with great beer!’ In third place you piled into the Brighton Beer Dispensary, drank a fine selection of keg and cask brews and chowed down on hearty roasts. We’re surprised you were left with any energy to vote.

Sussex Yeoman, Best Roast Brighton restaurant awards BRAVO
6th place

Sussex Yeoman

7th place

The Farm Tavern

The Geese. afternoon tea brighton.Brighton Restaurant Awards. Brighton Top 20
15th place

The Geese

The Sidewinder Brighton
16th place

The Sidewinder

Seven Stars Best Pub Grub Brighton Restaurant Awards BRAVO
17th place

The Seven Stars