Brighton for kids

The Summer Holidays are here so while teachers repair their frayed nerves you’ve got to keep the little angels occupied. Luckily Brighton for kids is full of entertainment, but all that fun needs fuelling otherwise angels soon become monsters.
So when you’re out and about with tykes in tow keep this list handy, it’s full of no-brainers for when you’re going out of your mind!

Best fish and chips Brighton

Beach Babes

What better way to pass the summer holidays than on the beach and there’s no need to wander far for some good child-friendly parent-approved food. Lucky Beach Cafe serves serious quality local produce and has a strong sustainable policy so you’ll be doing them and their inheritance good in one easy move. The Flour Pot is a much-loved location and the Beach Kitchen serves up a superb Mediterranean inspired menu (and cracking doughnuts). Ohso social benefits from possibly the closest beachside seating and an all-day menu with the whole family in mind.

Get them out and running around as soon as possible, the play area at Queens Park can provide hours of self-propelled entertainment and a spot of brunch is handily close. Kids will love the pancake stacks at Starfish and Coffee, either with maple syrup and bacon or fruit compote. Starfish and coffee won BRAVO 2019 ‘Cafe Culture’. Should you need a little freshening up then The Hartington, not far from Queens Park, has a super garden for more endless running around in while you have a nice cold one.

Smorls Brighton

Growing up green

Of course, Brighton being Brighton, there are plenty of places to eat if you’re raising green-sprouts. Head over to Smorl’s Kitchen at the Open Market to get them a taste for the Brighton staple of falafel, at what we believe to be the best falafel and houmous eatery in the city. A little pitta will give them enough slow-release energy to carry all your packaging-free market veg home on your behalf. Not far from The Level, or Preston Park, is The Roundhill vegan pub. The venue is super friendly and inviting with lots of light and good vibes and a dedicated child’s menu that is full of fresh seasonal plant-only goodness.

Moksha is family run and very family-friendly, it’s a little home away from home where everyone gets looked after. Serving from breakfast to lunch they do a great selection of homemade cakes and their own blend coffee to keep you going. Moksha won first place in the 2019 BRAVO for ‘Best Brunch’ and top 10 for ‘Family Friendly’. For a quick fix that’s bound to hit the right spot Dodo Pizza sell freshly made pizza by the slice, perfect for a quick pit stop. A timer shows what time the pizzas left the oven so you know it’s not been sat under a heat lamp since the day before.

Nuposto won the Family Friendly for the 2019 BRAVO Awards. With real Neopolitan pizza and handmade fresh pasta, Nuposto is the authentic taste of Italy. Children under 10 get a main meal for free when an adult buys a main, and everyone knows kids love pizza! Getting a bit of brain food in is always a good idea during the holidays, stop things atrophying; at The Salt Room you know it’s going to be quality and sustainable, so there’ll still be fish in the sea when they’re older. Best of all kids under 7 eat for free before 7 pm, otherwise, it’s £7 for 2 courses. If you’re down at the Marina for a day’s entertainment then you can dine in style for less at Chez Mal, under 10s eat for free from the kid’s main menu Monday to Thursday.

It’s never too early to get them in the kitchen and learning about food from ingredients up. The Brighton Cookery School hosts regular classes during school holidays where children can get hands-on experience of cooking. Classes vary in skill levels for all ages, with 7+ year-olds learning the ABC of baking and sultry teenagers discovering good mood food. All cookery classes are posted on the Brighton Cookery School website.

Who knows, in a few years you might be waving them off for a summer adventure with a gallon of Deet and a copy of Timeout India, so help pave the way with a trip to one of Brighton’s favourite Indian restaurants. For just £9.95, your little ones can enjoy a two-course feast at Indian Summer, conveniently just a few steps from the seafront! The novelty of a great Thali never wears off, and Planet India offers a Tiny Thali for just over £7.71. The menu at The Curry Leaf Cafe in the Lanes is a set £5 for main and dessert, lightly spiced and priced!

You can’t beat a bit of outside play (often free too!) so why not choose one of the many countries walks just outside Brighton that heads in the direction of a country pub. Here are our recommendations. For rainy days, Brighton Cookery School runs regular courses for kids and teenagers because it’s never to early to light a fire under their passion for good food.