Delicious Food in A Fun Environment

After a long day at work, I met my hubby for a drink and we decided we needed something fresh and fast. Sometimes date night doesn’t need a white table cloth and wine glasses, but just delicious food that will fill you up and a fun atmosphere; and that’s exactly what we found at Eatalio.

My first thought when we walked in was that this place has a got attitude.

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With Italian inspired graffiti on the walls, quirky lighting, and my favourite Rudimental track playing, I knew this was not going to be your traditional stuffy Italian restaurant. With a big open seating area and huge windows it was light and inviting. There was a great mix of people as well, who I overheard raving about the food to each other already, this was an excellent sign.

Italian Street Food, Restaurant Brighton, Eatalio, Queens Road

Start Here

Speaking of signs, at the very end of the room was my favourite bit of art a glowing red sign that read ‘Start Here’, and I was ready to. Italian street food was not something that I was familiar with so I asked for a bit more detail from the friendly staff and they were more than happy to oblige. Its obvious that they get a lot of hopeful faces like mine coming in and asking the same, so they had the process down to a T and were more than happy to share.

Eatalio Menu

In A Nutshell

Here it is in a nutshell: Pick a pasta, piada (flat bread) or salad as your base, then mix it with your choice of delicious home-made sauce, and top with butchers grade meat, vegetables, and/or pretty much any of the other gorgeous ingredients that are staring at you from behind the glass…simple.

Fresh to Order

After seeing all the beautiful fresh food we were sold, and ready to start getting stuck in. My husband ordered the angel hair pasta, which was pre-cooked to al dente. To get it nice and hot they chucked it into a wok right in front of us and the pasta was tossed with olive oil, garlic, and basil. I have to say I absolutely loved the spectacle and that everything was done to order; the epitome of fun and fresh. He then chose the spicy home-made Diavolo tomato sauce which was mixed in and then topped it with Brighton Sausage Company spicy Italian Sausage, grilled red pepper, Parmesan, and fresh rocket, delicious.

Generous Portioning

We were both so impressed with the portion size, and could see how this is great spot for a quick lunch, and were already discussing how we’ll need to come back to pick up dinner for our train to London next week, so impressed.

Italian Street Food, Restaurant Brighton, Eatalio, Queens Road

Traditional Piada

For my dish I opted to try the traditional Piada, which is a type of Italian flat bread/tortilla, which are imported just to Eatalio straight from Italy. The flat bread was heated on the griddle, brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with basil. The young lady serving us heard me raving about the pasta bowl my hubby ordered so offered to add a bit of pasta to the wrap; total genius. Essentially I was about to get the best of all worlds. I filled my Piada with angel hair pasta, medium rare steak bites, zesty basil pesto (made fresh daily in house), grilled courgette, sun-dried tomatoes, and topped with a healthy portion of Parmesan cheese.

I could not wait to tear into it.

Italian Street Food, Restaurant Brighton, Eatalio, Queens Road

I have to say it kinda blew my mind, pasta in a wrap?…who knew! The Piada was delicious, the ingredients were fresh and zesty, and there was no skimping on the toppings, every bite had tangy tomato, crunchy courgette, and salty parm; I was in carb heaven. Now for those of you that are thinking, dear god woman double carbs, is it even possible?! Yes, yes it is, and by George it is down right delicious.

Italian Street Food, Restaurant Brighton, Eatalio, Queens Road

Carb Free Salad Boxes

However if you are trying to fit into a wedding dress next month or are attempting to keep your gluten free diet on track, don’t worry Eatalio has you covered. Eatalio offers a giant salad box that can come with any of the 3 home-made pestos or one of 5 fresh dressings made in house, again you can top it with free-range chicken or grilled veggies, and then finish it with any number of fresh vegetables.

Perfect For Big Group Takeaways

I have already recommended their take away service to a group of friends coming to Brighton on a stag weekend (Stags in Brighton? Weird I know.) With 20 friends to keep happy and tummy’s to be filled, Eatalio is a fabulous choice. Cheap, cheerful, fun and fresh everyone picks exactly what they want and you wont break the bank or have to deal with booking tables, absolutely ideal.

Italian Street Food, Restaurant Brighton, Eatalio, Queens Road

Small Batch Coffee and Breakfasts

Not only are they churning out delicious lunches and dinners for eat in or take away, Eatalio also offer breakfast and can make a darn fine coffee. With well trained baristas serving Small Batch coffee and an array of made to order breakfast rolls, I will most definitely be back to try their breakfast too.

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