Breakfast at Breeze Hits the Spot!

Brighton Food Reviewer, Sarah Gathercole, May 2015

It’s grey and miserable outside. It’s a Saturday late morning in May and the sun should be shining.

Ordinarily we would be heading to the lagoon to buy some fresh fish for our dinner, instead we are sat inside feeling sorry for ourselves. My partner and I decide that there is only one thing that can put a smile on our glum faces – we are going to treat ourselves to a big breakfast (although it’s nearly lunch time), most importantly, prepared and cooked by someone else. This does mean venturing outside, but if we move quickly, we might just miss the imminent downpour.

Breakfast Review, Breeze Brasserie, Brighton, North Laine

We are spoilt for choice in Brighton and Hove for great places, serving great breakfasts. Whatever your preference, there is almost always somewhere to satisfy your taste buds right around the corner. With a few things we need to pick up in town, we decide to get breakfast in the North Laine for a change, and I know just the place.

I have been to Breeze Brasserie a couple of times now and it always hits the spot.

Quite simply, Breeze does what it does – well; I am sure that breakfast will be no exception.

My partner already knows he wants a good old traditional, full English fry-up; sometimes you want something fancy and sometimes you just want a plate full. There’s a reason this is a staple on the breakfast menu. Although you can find different takes on it, you feel safe in the knowledge – whatever the trimmings – it’ll be big, it’ll have meat, and it’ll fill you up to the brim.

Breakfast Review, Breeze Brasserie, Brighton, North Laine

We are unfortunately caught in the beginning of what turns out to be a relentless day of rain. Damp, and a little flustered from our dash to the door, we are greeted with smiles by the staff at Breeze. The owner Bruce also comes out to say hello and show us to our table. He comments on the rain, and tells us his little dog (who I have met before) is too afraid to go outside – had we gone to leave ten minutes later, I think we would have felt the same.

Breeze always has a really relaxed atmosphere.

You instantly feel like there is no need to rush, you can settle into your surroundings and take time over your order and your meal. It is light and airy, but the décor is warm, with gold Buddah heads, grand mirrors and fairy lights creating a cosy and peaceful vibe.

Breakfast Review, Breeze Brasserie, Brighton, North Laine

The service is punctual and it is not long before we are brought a cup of coffee each – black for me and a latte for my partner. Much needed, rich and comforting, there is no better thing than a great cup of coffee to perk you up. Now we are ready to check out the menu.

The breakfast menu at Breeze includes all the favourites: Full English, Veggie Breakfast, Eggs Florentine, Eggs Benedict, Eggs Royal, and a couple of surprise additions in the Croque Monsieur and Croque Madame – which add a touch of European inspiration to the menu.

They have added their own twist too; the Veggie Breakfast is served with sautéed potatoes and spinach, along with the more traditional elements, and the Florentine, Benedict and the Royale are served with toasted brioche rather than bread; the Croque Monsieur and Madame also come with the sautéed potatoes and salad.

Breakfast Review, Breeze Brasserie, Brighton, North Laine

As I said, my partner’s mind has been made up since leaving the house, so it’s just down to me to make a choice. I skirt around the Croque Madame – its sounds deliciously calorific with ham, melted cheese, béchamel sauce, whole grain mustard and a fried egg on top – but arrive at my all-time favourite and ‘go-to’ breakfast: Eggs Royale. I can’t wait to try out the brioche toast with this classic combination of eggs and smoked salmon.

I also ask the waitress if I can throw in some spinach for good measure; she is happy to oblige.

Breakfast Review, Breeze Brasserie, Brighton, North Laine

Our breakfasts arrive in good time.

My Royale looks perfect.

I suddenly realise I forgot to ask for the hollandaise to be served separately, which is something I always do to avoid the possibility of sauce over-kill. Thankfully the chef has read my mind; the hollandaise coats the eggs, but does not cover the plate. The salmon is plentiful and pokes out from under the eggs and the dish is peppered with dill, which ensure the breakfast does not appear too anaemic.

My partners Full English is a colourful plateful, with a roasted tomato, baked beans and mushrooms, along with a plump sausage, bacon and his choice of fried eggs (2 of them!). He is also particularly pleased to see the crispy hash brown – a great additional to a Full English and a long time since he has had one.

Breakfast Review, Breeze Brasserie, Brighton, North Laine

I am thrilled with the brioche; the sweetness of this toast works in perfect harmony with the creaminess of the hollandaise and the smoked salmon.

The perfectly poached eggs pop as my fork goes in, spilling their yolky goodness all over my plate – why is it so hard to get these right at home?! My partners Full English is good and non-pretentious. The beans aren’t home-made, but who cares; the sausage is clearly good quality and the bacon cooked just to his liking. He struggles to finish two eggs, so I willingly step in, helping myself to a bit of toast to wipe his plate clean for him while I’m at it.

Breakfast Review, Breeze Brasserie, Brighton, North Laine

Seriously satisfied, we choose to order two more coffees in the hope the rain will subside; we are more than happy to while away the time at Breeze. Appreciating our predicament, we are offered an umbrella on loan to aid us in the walk home. We gratefully accept their kind offer and thank them again for filling our tums.

As expected, breakfast at Breeze has indeed hit the spot, and serving until 3pm, it is perfect for us late risers.

With every breakfast on the menu for around £7, it is also great value for money. We leave as we arrived, to smiles from the staff. Just now we are prepared for the weather – umbrella in hand and certainly well fed!