Best Welcome Brighton – BRAVO Awards 2019

Where is the best welcome Brighton has to offer? We wanted to know the venues that have mastered the art of hospitality, delivering service that puts you at ease and makes you feel special. This award, more than any other, goes out to the hard working front of house staff, whose light frequently dims behind that of superstar chefs, but without whom there would be no welcome.

Restaurants Brighton sponsors the Best Welcome category in the 2019 BRAVOs. This one is tested on the people that count, you, so look no further for the best welcome Brighton can give.

1st place

For those familiar with Indian Summer, and there would appear to plenty of you, the first place award for Best Welcome will come as no surprise. In an industry where the front of house staff can change more frequently than the menu Indian Summer has retained a team of committed professionals whose sustained efforts make them thoroughly deserving of this award.

2nd place

The synergy of a small perfectly formed team finds its apogee in The Little Fish Market. Continuing Chef Duncan Ray’s underlying ethos of “precision, simplicity and restraint” the 20 cover restaurant is entirely entrusted to the hands of one man; Rob, the people of Brighton thank you.

3rd place

The small team of close-knit friends that make up the team of Isaac At are like a band of superheroes on a mission to champion Sussex Produce, each brings their unique power to the mix. The small, open plan venue means everything is on view, and everything is under scrutiny, but you found no cracks in this crack-team, awarding them top three in Brighton’s Best Welcome.

IL Bistro, welcome brighton. Brighton Restaurant Awards
6th place

Il Bistro

Tipsy Bear Brighton. welcome brighton. Brighton Restaurant Awards
7th place

Tipsy Bear

Robin Hood Pub Brighton. welcome brighton. Brighton Restaurant Awards
8th place

The Robin Hood Pub

Cafe Rust Brighton. welcome brighton. Brighton Restaurant Awards
14th place

Cafe Rust

The Cloak Room. welcome brighton. Brighton Restaurant Awards
17th place

The Cloak Room

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