There is no excuse not to visit this place!

Situated on York Place by the bustling London Road, LangeLee’s is a real find.

Brilliantly located, this place in on most bus routes, near a good car park or easy to reach by foot.

LangeLee's Cafe and Restaurant, York Place, Brighton, South African and British
Located on York Place, Brighton

The exterior is big picture windows and a simple black frontage, it looks neat but doesn’t scream ‘come visit me’. However, don’t let this put you off, as soon as you are through the door and welcomed by Michael and his wonderful team you are made to feel at home straight away.

Langlee's - Best for breakfast, Brighton
Warm and Inviting – Langelee’s in Brighton

Sunny Courtyard

We were offered a choice of tables inside (the décor is understated yet beautifully done), but as it was such a nice morning we thought we’d give the courtyard a go at the rear of the restaurant. We chose a table that the sun had reached (we were there early!), and took in the tranquil calmness of the place. It was so peaceful you wouldn’t have known that just on the other side of the building was the bustling city and main road out of Brighton. Heaven.

Langlees, cafe, courtyard, brighton, review, breakfast, brunch
Langlees Courtyard – perfect for an alfresco breakfast

Something For Everyone

We were offered a menu to peruse, and there would certainly be something there to suit everyone. Everything sounded delicious and we were spoilt for choice.

My breakfast companion decided upon the LangeLee’s Breakfast (Cumberland Sausage, smoked bacon, hash brown, free range egg, baked beans and granary toast), £7.50. She also had a flat white coffee.

Langlees, cafe, courtyard, brighton, review, breakfast, brunch
Langlees Breakfast

South African Breakfast

I decided upon the South African Breakfast (Boerewors beef sausage, Chakalaka relish, free range eggs, signature chips, smoked bacon, grilled tomato & granary toast), again priced at £7.50. To accompany it I decided to go all out and try one of their LangeLee’s Deluxe hot chocolates (served with whipped cream, mini marshmallows and chocolate sauce). What I can say – I was hungry!

When the breakfasts arrived (within a very reasonable time), they did not disappoint.

According to my breakfast companion the Cumberland sausage was ‘quite possibly the best sausage she had had in a long time!’

And I have to say on trying a piece of it, it was delicious, perfectly seasoned and very meaty. Everything on her plate was freshly cooked, the beans came in a small ramekin dish so as not to run around the plate, it all looked great and my companion wasted no time into tucking in.

Langlees, cafe, courtyard, brighton, review, breakfast, brunch
South African Breakfast

Clean and Inviting

Having never tried a South African breakfast I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when it arrived it all looked rather lovely.

Like my companions the whole plate looked clean and inviting. The Boerewors sausage was superb, chunky and full of flavour. A welcome change to the standard pork sausage that is so often served. The Chakalaka relish was a revelation, its like a curry sauce but more chunky and tasty, and it really did complement the full flavour of the sausage.

Delicious. The signature chips were great too, beautifully seasoned and crispy on the outside, but wonderfully soft and fluffy on the inside. The downside of them was that there so many, and I just didn’t have the room to fit them all in!!

Grease Free

The bacon on each of the dishes was by no way streaky or greasy, they were big thick rashers that matched the meatiness of the sausages. Along with the perfectly cooked fried eggs, there was not an ounce of grease or fat on our plates, which so often puts me off cooked breakfasts.

Langlees, cafe, courtyard, brighton, review, breakfast, brunch
Array of Condiments

Selection of Condiments

To accompany the breakfasts we were offered an array of different condiments. Michael explained that some were from a well known South African brand, ‘Steers’, and that they complimented the dishes well. One was a South African version of Peri Peri sauce, the other was ‘Monkey Gland sauce’ then there was a ‘Mrs H Balls original recipe chutney’ that is again a very popular condiment.

I opted for the Monkey Gland sauce, which although doesn’t sound very appetising, was actually delicious. It was a BBQ sauce but had quite a fruity flavour to it and certainly complimented the richness of the South African sausage.

Lovely Ambience

Once we finished our food (or as much of it as we could manage – even someone with the biggest of appetites would not be disappointed), we sat in the comfy chairs and enjoyed the atmosphere of the courtyard. There was a real good mix of people coming and going and you could tell they had been before (always a sign of a good place). The ambience was lovely and so relaxing we didn’t really want to leave, but having been sat for nearly two hours taking in the experience we decided it was time. Heading back through the restaurant it was great to see that nearly every table was taken and that there was a real buzz in the place – great for a Saturday morning. And then we were back amongst the hustle and bustle of London Road.

Pleasant Surprise

LangeLee’s was such a pleasant surprise, I’ve walked past so many times and I have to admit have never really given it a second look, but my how this is now going to change. The restaurant and Courtyard are truly a little haven in this busy town and well worth a visit.

I will most definitely be returning.

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