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Brighton is a city that thrives on its coffee culture. Wherever you go in the city you can find superb cafés and coffee houses, often filled with students and creatives getting their fix. The city runs on caffeine, and was even named UK coffee capital back in 2014. At that time residents of Brighton were spending on average £177 per head on coffee, £25 more than anywhere else in the country.

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This coffee culture has resulted in a more greater awareness of what makes a quality cup of joe. Much like everywhere in the world we have got the major brands in Brighton, but we also have a huge number of independent retailers and producers in the city. Local roasters have been giving the coffee connoisseur plenty of choice when it comes to their daily fix. Many sourcing interesting and rare beans and roasting them locally to make the perfect blend or single origin coffee.

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In homage to these coffee superstars, we have put together this list of our favourite coffee roasters in Brighton and Hove. If you fancy yourself as a bit of an expert then you certainly need to check these guys out.

Redroaster, BN2 1RE

The term “Brighton Institution” gets bandied around quite often, but in the case of Redroaster it is safe to use. This Kemptown roastery and café has been serving Brighton’s residents since 2000, and while the café looks a little different these days, the coffee and ethos has stayed the same. Redroaster are the only certified organic roastery in the South, roasting daily on their vintage Deidrich roasters. They import green arabica beans from all over the world, process them into delicious fresh coffee in Kemptown and then deliver them by bike across the city. Going beyond the traditional “Fair Trade” remit, they now support Rwandan coffee farmers through charitable projects that help the farmers, their families and the communities they live in. Redroaster are truly a Brighton institution and stars of Brighton’s coffee community.

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Trading Post Coffee, BN1 1AB

Situated in Brighton’s famous lanes, Trading Post Coffee bring two generations of coffee roasting expertise to the table. They are passionate about providing quality coffee to the people of Brighton, and ensuring that their beans come from sustainable and responsible sources. Their unique artisan roasting process has been refined by their master roasters, utilising 100% organic arabica beans that have been grown at altitudes of 3000ft or above. This is important as the high-altitude results in a bean that delivers a complex and delicious coffee. Trading Post only source from farmers who take their social and environmental impact seriously. This ensures the highest quality product, that also ensures the future of the industry. You can sample their coffees at the Ship Street café and also purchase bags to take home and enjoy at your leisure.

Trading Post Coffee

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Small Batch, Brighton & Hove

If you are someone who feels they need the security of those more well-known coffee retailers, but still want a taste of something more Independent, then Brighton’s Small Batch coffee empire is for you. Small Batch was created 10 years ago, and has grown from a single coffee shop into a truly inspiring coffee success story. Small batch have taken the independent coffee house model and turned it up to eleven. Now with nine shops, including the new roastery in Portslade, they still operate a farm to cup ethos. Small Batch have a relationship with all of their farmers, ensuring the wellbeing of their workers and quality of their environment, tracking the whole process until it ends up in your cup. The brand new roastery in Portslade is open to the public, so you can pop in and literally smell the coffee, and you can buy direct from the source. Their coffee shops offer customers everything from a simple Americano through to single origin specials and bags of your favourite blends to enjoy at home.

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Pharmacie, BN3 3ED

Pharmacie are a fairly new player in the Brighton coffee scene, but one that is making quite an impact. This independent micro-roastery, barista trainers, wholesaler and coffee house have been making waves with their superb coffee. Utilising ethically sourced arabica beans, they roast their own coffee at their premises just a couple minutes from Hove station. The coffee house is open to the public on Saturdays and they are happy to brew up something special if you give them a heads up. At Pharmacie they like nothing more than chatting about all things coffee. Pop by to try some of their amazing blends and single origin coffees, pick up some bags to take home or even sign up to learn how to be a home barista. Their online shop is where you can find their products including gifts and coffee merchandise for the coffee lover in your life. Photo credit: Pharmacie Facebook

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Marwood Coffeehouse, BN1 1AF

Winners of the ‘Most Brighton Venue’ in the inaugural BRAVO awards, Marwood coffee house is a favourite among Brighton’s artistic and creative community. This quirky coffee house and bar has fast become one of the most popular venues for Brighton’s coffee drinking community. Their “coffee ninjas” are on hand to rustle you up whatever style of drink you can think of, including “probably the best espresso martini in Brighton”. Behind the craziness that is the Marwood décor is a very serious coffee house that bans any skinny decaf nonsense, and shuns the addition of syrup and sprinkles. They serve straight up coffee how it should be, and there is nothing wrong with that. Photo credit: Marwood Coffeehouse Facebook

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Coffee@33, BN1 4ED

This little coffee shop is a real find for coffee lovers. With the uber cool hessian sack seating drawing the eye as you enter, the sight of the impressive coffee roaster will certainly appeal to caffeine junkies. The sight of the roaster gives customers the nod to say, ‘yes this is good coffee’. The highly knowledgeable baristas are on hand to whip you up a perfect flat white or piccolo whilst discussing the finer details of coffee culture and production. Selling their own coffee for consumption on and off site, Coffee@33 are also the supplier to other cafés including the thoroughly popular Café Plenty at Preston Circus. This is one for those in-the-know, and now you know. Photo credit: Coffee@33 Facebook

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Twin Pines, BN2 1RE

Situated on the bustling St James Street, Twin Pines is a quirky spot of calm in this normally hectic area of the city. Twin Pines is a very Brighton style coffee shop, with a cacophony of vintage furniture and prints matched with a minimalist styling and meu. Everything is very cool and trendy, the menu merely stating two prices for “white” or “black” drinks. What is important is that the coffee is superb, so if the other stuff upsets you then ignore that and smell the coffee. The coffee is served in handmade ceramic cups, that you also purchase if you wish, all of which adds to the bespoke nature of this coffee house. Photo credit: Twin Pines Facebook

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