Healthy Eating when eating out

There’s no need to let your good intentions slip when you eat out. Here are ten healthy eating tips to keep you on track…

Main course at Terre a Terre Brighton - healthy eating
Eat out more healthily in 2018 – Picture Terre A Terre

1. Eat a healthy breakfast

Do this for better concentration, more energy and easier weight control. Look for a balance of wholegrain and protein which is easy on sugars, granola with yoghurt or a milk alternative, topped with fresh fruit can keep you going for longer, try the Kooks berry granola compote if you’re in the North Laine.

healthy eating
Fruit compote at Kooks Brighton

Research suggests that gram for gram a lean source of protein, such as eggs, fish or tofu will keep you full for longer than carbs or fat so poached eggs or avocado smash make another great option, check out the Club Toast at The New Club. Here is our run down of vegan breakfasts in Brighton too, should this be of interest.

Healthy Eating
Club Toast at The New Club

2. Eat five fruit & veg

To stave off everything from heart disease to cancer, The World Health Organisation recommends at least 400g of fruit and veg a day. Fill up at veggie restaurants like Food For Friends, Terre-a-Terre and Iydea. We have also compiled a summary  of where’s best for a Sunday roast if you are vegetarian or vegan.

Food For Friends - Vegetarian main course
Vegetarian Dining at Food For Friends – ‘Non veggie friends’ eat for free in January.

3. Drink fresh juices

With easy-to-absorb vitamins and minerals, fresh juices are more often nutritious and contain less sugar than processed drinks. Get your fix at juice bars like 42 Juice, You Juice and Moksha Caffe has some wonderful nutritional shakes and did you know that they have recently celebrated 10 years of trading?

Celebrating 10 years – Nutritional Shakes at Moksha Caffe on York Place

4. Cut back on caffeine

Switch tea and coffee for healthy hot drinks like trendy matcha tea. Moksha Caffe has good options along with Julien Plumart, Small Batch, Pelicano and Marwood. If you can’t cut back, here is our run down of where to head for coffee in Brighton.

Latte art at Starfish and Coffee in Brighton cafe
Pictured – Starfish and Coffee next to Queens Park

5. Eat more oily fish

For less risk of cardiovascular disease, vision loss and dementia, experts recommend at least one portion of oily fish a week. Try mackerel, sardines, salmon, trout and fresh tuna at GB1, The Copper Clam, Riddle & Finn, The Salt Room and The Little Fish Market.

The Copper Clam
Seafront dining at The Copper Clam

6. Add raw food to your diet

Heating food can destroy certain enzymes and nutrients, while raw food is packed with the good stuff. Eat more fresh salad, fruit, nuts and raw veg at places like Eat Naked, or try an all-raw meal at Purezza.

Purezza Review, Restaurant, Brighton, Italian, Vegan
Purezza in Brighton – The UK’s first vegan pizzeria, now opening in London too

7. Eat whole grains

These retain more natural fibres and nutrients than refined grains. Choosing them can lower your cholesterol and control your blood sugar. Ask about whole grain breads at The Flour Pot Bakery and Café Plenty.

The Flour Pot Bakery, Five Ways, Cafe, Brighton
Brighton’s Flour Pot Bakery

8. Swap bad fats for good

Saturated fats are best avoided, while unsaturated fats are important for a healthy body. Swap pies, fatty meats and hard cheeses, for lean cuts, yoghurts, nuts and avocado – V&H Café and Kooks do a mean avo on toast and Food For Friends like to feature avocado on their nutritious vegetarian menus.

Avocado dish at Food For Friends
Nutritional feasts at Food For Friends

9. Go vegan

Veganism isn’t for everyone but, now and then, we could all benefit from plant-based meals that are low in saturates and high in fibre. Try all-vegan restaurant Purezza, or vegan options at Moshimo, Tropical Sushi, Planet India and Infinity Food Café. Here is our vegan review for Moshimo Brighton and find out here about the Moshimo Vegan Wednesdays.

NEW: Vegan Wednesdays at Moshimo (50% off for Members, 25% off for non members)

10. Cut back on processed foods

Avoid hidden sugars, salts and fats by eating unprocessed foods. There’s a raft of Brighton restaurants (many already listed in this article) that favour ‘whole foods’ over processed. One that deserves a mention is Silo and here is their recent vegan review.

vegan review, broccoli stalk and seaweed
Un-processed dishes at Silo