Give a BRAVO to your Favourite Brighton Restaurants

Returning for the third year on January 28th 2019, the Brighton Restaurant Awards are Brighton’s only entirely publicly generated food and drink awards in the city, giving people the chance to praise their favourite cafes bars and restaurants. This year sees three new categories, “Best Wine List”, “Sustainable Eats” and “Best International”.

Here are all the Brighton Restaurant Awards categories in 2019 along with all the winners from 2018 and 2017.

Best Restaurant

Sponsored By Laurent-Perrier

This category is the biggie. Your chosen restaurant has to tick all the boxes all the time; we’re talking service, menu, drinks, atmosphere, the full monty. Who has what it takes to earn your BRAVO?

Voting commences 28th January 2019

What does ‘Best Restaurant’ mean?

Sussex's Finest Category - Brighton restaurant Awards

Sussex Finest

Sponsored By The Great British Charcuterie

We’re looking for the out of town venue that makes Sussex shine, be it with creative use of local products, championing local producers or delivering the look and feel that is essential Sussex. Lose yourself in the countryside and give a BRAVO in celebration of the destination that best celebrates Sussex.

Voting commences 28th January 2019

What does ‘Sussex Finest’ mean?

Brighton Restaurants - Best wine list category

Best Wine List

Sponsored By Studio Syrup

An oenophile is an appreciator of fine wines, and Brighton isn’t short of a good drop, with more venues taking care over a wine list that reflects their style and ethos. So get your oenophile on and sniff, swizzle and sip your way around the city to find the wine list that would make Bacchus proud.

Voting commences 28th January 2019

What does ‘Best Wine List’ mean?

Brighton Restaurant - Best International Cuisine

Best International Cuisine

Sponsored By Visit Brighton

We want to know where you go for a taste of faraway lands, where do you eat that exactly reminds you of ‘that’ holiday, or gives you a much-loved taste of home? Food has the power to transport and unite us, vote for who takes you places. This category is open to restaurant, food stalls and pop-ups.

Voting commences 28th January 2019

What does ‘Best International Cuisine’ mean?

Brighton Restaurant - Best Brunch category at Brighton Restaurant Awards

Best Brunch

Sponsored By Fleurets

Brunch culture is an increasingly popular phenomenon inherited from East Coast America and classically features a lunch-sized, breakfast-like meal served with coffee, cocktails and friends. Best Brunch may be the most social of all the BRAVO categories so gather your besties and go hunting.

What does ‘Best Brunch’ mean?

Brighton restaurants - Cafe Culture Category

Best Cafe Culture

Sponsored By Designers-i

For coffee lovers, tea lovers, cake and gossip lovers, laptop and free wifi lovers, Cafe Culture is the social side of the caffeine fix. We want to know whose flat white is served with good vibes and maybe even a free biscotti?

Voting commences 28th January 2019

What does ‘Best Cafe Culture’ mean?

Brighton Restaurant - Best Afternoon Tea Category

Best Afternoon Tea

Sponsored By Face Media Group

Traditionally this classic treat is three tiers of sandwiches, petit fours and scones served with tea and sometimes champagne, although contemporary variations populate our city that loves daring to be different. Nibble, sip, pretend you’re in an Oscar Wilde play and cast judgements on who should win!

Voting commences 28th January 2019

What does ‘Best Afternoon Tea’ mean?

Brighton restaurant - Best Sunday Roast

Best Roast

Sponsored By Michael Wilcox Media

The Roast scene in Brighton is no small business, we love drawing out the last of the weekend over the classic British Sunday lunch. Who serves the fluffiest, crispiest roasties? Who’s generous with the gravy and clever with the veg? Whose main event is a hard act to follow? Give them a BRAVO

What does ‘Best Roast’ mean?

Brighton restaurant - Best pub category Brighton Restaurant Awards

Best Pub

Sponsored By Loud Shirt Beer

What makes for a great pub? Quality ale, social events, atmosphere, friendly staff, games, gardens and dog biscuits all play their part. Of the 900 plus pubs in Brighton, each works its unique combination of elements to earn their title as your ‘local’. Raise a glass to your favourite with a BRAVO.

Voting commences 28th January 2019

What does ‘Best Pub’ mean?

Brighton Restaurant - Best Pub Category

Best Pub Grub

Sponsored By Ascension Cider

Hedonists of Brighton unite in their love of company, beer and food. From top quality classic fare to something with more creative flair, we want to know which pub gets this epicurean trinity just right?

Voting commences 28th January 2019

What does ‘Best Pub Grub’ mean?

Best Child Friendly

Sponsored By OxFest

Where can the whole family go together and have a good time? Where has the kid’s menu had as much thought as the adult’s? Where makes parenting a breeze? Say “thank you” with a BRAVO.

Voting commences 28th January 2019

What does ‘Best Child-Friendly’ mean?

Best Sustainable Eats

Sponsored By Harvey’s Brewery

Sustainability means ensuring the future of the planet through the actions and choices made today; it’s something we all have to think about right now. Let good decisions guide you when you’re dining out and reward the heroes of tomorrow with a BRAVO.

Voting commences 28th January 2019

What does ‘Sustainable Eats’ mean?

Best Cocktails

Sponsored By Brighton Gin

Our research tells us you’re always on the lookout for the next best cocktail and the Brighton cocktail scene is thriving. You’ve had them shaken, you’ve had them stirred, now spill!

Voting commences 28th January 2019

What does ‘Best Cocktails’ mean?

Eat well for less

Sponsored By Brighton and Hove Food Partnership

Cheaper eats needn’t mean poor quality, skimpy portions, or junk food. We’re looking for the venues who are smart about their overheads, save on waste, source well and pass the savings on to you.

Voting commences 28th January 2019

What does ‘Eat Well for Less’ mean?

Plant Champion

Sponsored By The Kari Club

With more and more people choosing to cut out animal products from their diet or reducing their meat consumption there comes a growing wave of plant-based creativity. Who is serving the veggie and vegan cuisine that blows your mind?

Voting commences 28th January 2019

What does ‘Plant Champion’ mean?

Brighton restaurant - Best Welcome Category

Best Welcome

Sponsored By Restaurants Brighton

This category is a shout out to the front of house team who know your desires before you do; for whom too much effort is never too much. These are the people who make you feel special and appreciated, pay it back with a BRAVO.

Voting commences 28th January 2019

What does ‘Best Welcome’ mean?

Brighton Restaurant Awards Winners 2018

Venues Get Involved in 2019

Would you like to give your customers a chance to sing your praises, win fantastic prizes and earn yourself one of our coveted BRAVO awards? All independent Sussex venues are eligible, it’s free to take part and fun! So get in touch and we can provide you with all you need to hit the BRAVO’s full throttle. Voting starts January 28th 2019.