Food Made Good Awards – Brighton’s shining stars

Environmentally-responsible hospitality group Kemptown Project are no strangers to the save the planet movement that has rightly been picking up traction over the last few years.

We take a look at their achievements in this years Food Made Good Awards, along with other do gooders in our Brighton.

Run by the Sustainable Restaurant Association, the Food Made Good Awards recognise restaurants and foodservice businesses who drive dining opportunities that promote ethical, sustainable and delicious food. The shortlisted strive to make a positive change in the hospitality industry.

Founded in 2013, Kemptown Project set out to run a multifaceted culinary and hospitality firm. Now, they operate some of our favourite restaurants in town including Lucky Khao, Redroaster and Lucky Beach, and pave the way for other businesses when it comes to working with communities to promote sustainable living. In this year’s Food Made Food awards, Kemptown Project has been shortlisted in the ‘supporting global farmers’ category along with national businesses Nando’s and Young’s Pubs.

Shortlisted in the Food Made Good 2019 awards ‘serve more veg and better meat’ category, Lucky Beach are being recognised for their efforts in supporting local suppliers. Promoting reduction of meat consumption as well as providing plant based alternative options on their menu. We should also applaud Lucky Beach for coming out on top, being voted as the UK’s favourite restaurant by 11 thousand people in both 2017 and 18.

The sustainable restaurant association has put together a list of 20 restaurants it feels do the most for promoting sustainability within the hospitality industry. To feature, restaurants must score highly across all aspects of their business including sourcing, environment and society. The listed top 20 have been audited, and have come out on top in the UK. Along with Lucky Beach, Redroaster and Lucky Khao are are listed, holding a three star sustainability ranking for the SRA.

Happy Maki Sushi Brighton. sustainable Brighton. Brighton Restaurant Awards - Food Made Good Awards

Other Brighton achievements

Alongside Red Roaster, Lucky Khao and Lucky Beach, there are others flying the Brighton flag for a better future. Happy Maki are shortlisted in the ‘Good to Go’ category, promoting fast food that doesn’t lack in the ethics department, and Purezza feature in the ‘One Planet Plate’ category, launched by Lucky Beach.