Zero Waste

Zero Waste Week, 2019, runs from 2nd – 6th September and is a time for businesses and individuals to look at changing the way we consume and manage the by-products of our consumption. 

We’re using this week to look at those hospitality venues that are taking assertive action in general, not just in zero waste or waste reduction, to create a more sustainable future and address the climate crisis.

Store in Brighton

Zero Waste Stores

Zero waste shopping is not a new idea. Way before supermarkets started charging the public for the convenience of pre-packed food, the standard market, butcher and grocer sold everything by weight. Brighton is lucky to not only have an excellent food market but a fair few shops that specialise in “buy what you need” style shopping. HISBE on London road, Wastenot in the Open Market, Store on Ditchling Road and Down to Earth on Portland Road all sell produce by weight on a bring your own container basis.

Brighton has long been a green-thinking city, so it’s no surprise we’re at the front when it comes to sustainable restaurants. Here’s our pick of the most forward-thinking restaurants, that source with integrity and reduce their waste output by rethinking how restaurants should operate. You can find out more about the Sustainable Restaurant Association here.

GungHo Bar. sustainable Brighton. Brighton Restaurant Awards - Zero Waste

How can I be more sustainable?

For top tips on how to be more sustainable, we ask the experts. Julien Barnet, the owner of Gungho Bar on Preston Street, talks to us about how to apply “drinking responsibly” to the environment. Assistant manager at Coal Shed, Jess Archer, talks to us about the two pillars of sustainability; responsible sourcing and waste management.

The Real Junk Food Project intercepts perfectly good food that is destined for landfill and turns it into “pay as you can afford basis” meals. The volunteer-based project serves its saved food at pop-up cafes throughout the city, helping to reduce waste and bridge the food poverty gap. The Real Junk Food Project won the Eat Well for Less category in the 2019 BRAVO Awards.

In 2018 we launched a competition for a member of the public to suggest a new BRAVO category; the one that caught our attention was Sustainable Eats. In the 2019 BRAVOs by sushi restaurant, Moshimo won the award due to their trailblazing efforts to address overfishing through their Fishlove campaign. You can read our interview with Nicky of Moshimo here