Dining Out – Hove Restaurants and Food Pubs

Graze Fine Dining Restaurant, Brighton restaurant

Fine Dining at Graze

Hove is a conurbation to Brighton and it extends west along the coast and north towards the Old Shoreham Road.

Hove has its own personality which typifies its location and culture; this mixture then reflects the diverse and cosmopolitan dining options available to you. There is every type of world restaurant cuisine available to you in this concentrated and beautiful area of Sussex and it is well worth a visit.

Hove likes to have its own identity too, an identity which is different to its noisey neighbour Brighton.

This is where the expression ‘I am from Hove actually’ comes from. This is so the supposedly more ‘well to do’ Hove residents can make it clear that they are from this more polished neighbourhood, and NOT Brighton!

Best Hove Restaurants & Food Pubs

Crafty Chook, Chicken Rotisserie Restaurant & Bar, Hove

Crafty Chooks – Bar and Rotisserie

Graze restaurant, the Sri Lankan Moonstone Restaurant, Hove Place, The Bali Brasserie, The Crafty Chooks, The Little Fish Market Restaurant, Bankers Fish and Chips,  Hove Tandoori are a few of our favourites restaurants and food pubs in Hove.

In addition to this you can find Thai restaurants, gastro pubs, Greek, Chinese, numerous Italian restaurants and then there is the wonderful and new Little Fish Market restaurant which is an absolute delight, located close to the Old Market.

Hove is a sophisticated dining option if you want it to be, or on the other hand it is a great place to discover numerous back street pubs.

The Little Fish Restaurant, Hove, Brighton

Little Fish Restaurant in Hove

You have the Graze restaurant for a complete dining experience on the one hand, then to the other extreme you have the Coopers Cask pub on Farm Road which gives you one of the most delightful Sunday Roasts.

One place we truly love is Unithai which is located on the Church Road and it serves great lunch time and evening Thai food out of the back of their small Thai supermarket – a place which is charming, intimate and the food which they deliver to you in minutes is some of the best you will ever try.

Why not give option 6C a try and you will not be disappointed?

The Bali Brasserie is an institution in Brighton and Hove and if you haven’t ever been you must go for the Malaysian-Indonesian experience.

Looking for great pub food? Our pick of the bunch at the moment is the Hove Place Bistro and Gardens or the Crafty Chooks bar and rotisserie.

A Vibrant Community of Food and Restaurant Lovers

Moonstone Sri Lankan Restaurant, Hove

Sri Lankan Cuisine

Throughout the course of the year the Hove lawns and sometimes Palmeira Square are great locations to go and stroll around the popular farmers markets, the Brighton and Hove Food Festival, the Champagne Festival, the French markets and much more.

Hove is a haven for foodies, a diners paradise and it will keep you entertained throughout the whole of the year.

Sorry did we forget the Lion and Lobster too, the Foragers and the Ancient Mariner?

Check out the Brighton Food Festival, the Brighton Foodie Awards and the Spring Harvest website for more information about food events through out the course of the year.

Here is our selection of recommended Hove Restaurants, pubs and gastro pubs.