How to succeed at Veganuary 2020

Now in its seventh official year, Veganuary has inspired more than half a million people to go vegan for January. From animal welfare and personal health to sheer curiosity, there’s a whole host of reasons to get involved.

If you’re tempted to sign up for Veganuary 2020 but are wondering how you’ll cope without bacon sarnies and a Sunday roast, we’re here to help. With so many plant-based pioneers on the scene, it’s never been easier to go vegan, especially here in Brighton. Here’s our guide to Veganuary success, from fast food to fine dining.

Whether you’re settling down for a weekend brunch, or grabbing brekkie on the go, Brighton is bursting with choice. The vegan breakfast at Starfish and Coffee comes with sausage, scrambled tofu, house beans and more; or BRAVO 2019 winners Moksha do a cracking tofu benedict. If bacon sarnies are your weakness, head to Kooks for a smoky tofu ‘bacon’ bap. Other good bets include The New Club and Trading Post Coffee Roastery.

From vegan sushi to salads, there’s a host of grab-and-go vegan lunch options – even national chains are getting on board. For the best choice, head to an all-vegan café like Smorl’s and order a pitta or salad made with their life-changing houmous (seriously, this stuff is incredible). Another top choice for lunch on the run could be the vegan pastries at Flour Pot.

Running low on creative juice for vegan home cooking? There are stacks of vegan recipes online, or you could buy one of the latest vegan cookbooks, like Dirty Vegan or Leon’s Fast Vegan. Even better, sign-up to a vegan cookery class and get hands-on guidance. Brighton Cookery School host a regular ‘vegan essentials’ class or Brighton & Hove Food Partnership run courses on everything from vegan tea parties to veggie dim sum.

Brighton has a full spectrum of vegan eating out options, from fine dining to pub grub. BRAVO Plant Champion Terre a Terre always comes up trumps with their avant-garde creations; and new restaurant Kindling is one to watch – try their ‘Sunday Vegan Set’ menu. For Indian food, you’re spoilt for choice: Planet India and Manju’s have pure veggie and vegan menus, and many of Indian Summer’s dishes are created by their in-house vegan chef.

Head on over to Honest Burger for a ‘Beyond Meat™’ burger, loaded with vegan smoked gouda and chipotle ‘mayo’. Or, at Lucky Beach, sink your teeth into a Moving Mountains B12 burger™ with vegan cheese and all the trimmings. All-vegan pub, The Roundhill, is another winner, with their very own ‘RH Burger’ piled with gherkins, burger sauce and more.

Cosy up by the fire and tuck into a vegan roast at The Better Half in Hove, or head over to Brighton institution The Dorset. Last year’s BRAVO Sunday Roast winner, The Geese, serves the likes of ‘Vegan Sausage Roast’, and The Roundhill is another strong choice with pulled seitan ‘ham hock’ followed by a vegan pud – think chocolate orange ganache and ginger crumb ice-cream. The Mesmerist is also a great shout for large groups looking for a tasty vegan roast. 

Of course. Most Brighton cafés have you covered with nut, oat and soy milks (check out the BRAVO Café Culture winners) but what about booze? Not all wines and beers are vegan-friendly – it’s to do with the clarification process, which often involves animal proteins. But fear not: Ten Green Bottles, Plateau, Mange Tout, Fourth and Church, Amathus and many more do great vegan wines.

Thousands will be getting on board with Veganuary this year, so there’s no need to go it alone. Throw yourself in and become part of the vegan community, even if it’s only for a month. Get a Veeg card, which gives vegan discounts and deals across the city, and look for local Veganuary events, like Moshimo’s Vegan Challenge 2020. With so much support in Brighton and beyond, as long as you fully commit, you’ll ace Veganuary for sure.