Viewing Vegan Food Brighton

Whilst meat has a limited pallet, colour wise, the plant kingdom positively sings about its diverse vibrancy. For our city’s chefs the rise of interest in vegan Brighton provides an opportunity to experiment and invent, its not a case of being deprived, its a case of limitation breeds creativity.

A quick look at the Instagram figures for #veganbrighton is enough to let anyone know that as far as food photography goes, veg is no wall flower.

With three distinct venues across the city Curry Leaf is an accessible staple for vegans, who can enjoy around half of the menu in the Lanes Cafe and an entirely separate sharing menu in the Kemptown Kitchen. In addition to this they hold several awards for making their menu accessible for restricted diets of all sorts, be it nut, gluten or dairy.

64 Degrees - fine dining

64 Degrees has not been afraid to embrace the vegan movement, offering a full vegan tasting menu along side their main. The use of miso and tofu with nectarines is a bold and confident move, looking deliciously satisfying in russet hues. Follow 64 Degrees.

Long established favourite both in and out of Brighton, Terre a Terre sure know how to put a show stopper together. The lurid pink really pops against the dark green velvet nori in these intriguing parcels of intense flavour. Follow Terre a Terre

Douglas McMaster deserves a double medal with Silo, which not only sets itself the high challenge of delivering a top quality zero waste restaurant but also populates the menu with stunning and imaginative dishes. The ever changing menu celebrates produce with such ingenuity delivered equally to plant, dairy and meat. Follow Silo

Sushi is a great vegan staple, since it translates so well to tofu and fresh vegetables. Moshimo are strong campaigners for sustainable fishing whilst also seeing a future where we must all embrace a greater amount of plant in our diets for the good of the planet. To help pave the way their Vegan VVednesday weekly deal offers 50% off on all vegan plates. Follow Moshimo

Flour Pot Bakery’s newest development is in the form of the Flour Pot Kitchen and Restaurant on the seafront. Having previously brought us the delights ‘can’t tell the difference’ of vegan croissants and pan au chocolates, the restaurant extends their repertoire into skillets and small plates. Flour Pot came in top three in the BRAVO 2018 ‘Best Instagram‘ category. Follow Flour Pot

Indian food naturally lends itself well to vegetarian and vegan diets and the Chilli Pickle in particular may have also perfected capturing the vibrancy and colours of the continent. These pani puri are a street snack favourite in India and well worth a double tap. Follow The Chilli Pickle

Smorl’s produces some 150-200k of houmous of “vegan fuel” every week, taste it and you’ll understand the appeal. Together with their handmade falafel Smorl’s kitchen in the Open Market is a hotspot destination for the discerning chickpea eater. This falafel bolognese with Hassleback sweet potato, crispy pickled cabbage and extra garlic houmous is a colour and taste explosion set to blow the winter cold away. Read our Smorl’s review here.

When the former head chef of award-winning vegetarian restaurant opens up a sandwich shop you know lunchtimes will never be the same. This genius vegan Sunday roast in a sandwich lit up the internet before selling out in record time. Follow Social Board

First ever entirely plant based pizza restaurant in the country, Purezza exists in an almost permanent state of being at capacity. Not surprising really when they drive the internet insane with desserts that are 100% vegan and 500% indulgent. Follow Purezza

Winner of the BRAVO 2018 ‘Best Instagram’ and top five in ‘Plant Champions’, Happy Maki’s double award makes this small operation in Poole Valley a big contender on the Brighton Scene. Their Instagram followers just love their bold colours and fun filled pics, with plenty of Brighton cameos. Follow Happy Maki

Beelzebab at The Hope & Ruin - vegan fast food

The monthly ‘specials’ dog sends fans of The Hope & Ruin’s resident Kitchen, Beelzebab into regular histrionics. Since it bases itself on the sort of highly processed and dubious food you shouldn’t really eat anyway this vegan rendering gives the virtuous eater a chance to be bad (but not as bad as they could be). Follow Beelzebab

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