Best Wine List

We asked you to take a wine tasting Brighton tour to find the venue with the Best Wine List. What determines quality was of course up to you; small and perfectly formed, or bursting with choice, solely organic, solely English. The modern wine scene isn’t snobby or elitist, like wine itself; there’s something for everyone.

BRAVO 2019 awards. From your extensive wine tasting Brighton adventure you determined these venues to be the most exceptional yield.

1st place

First place in the new BRAVO category of Best Wine List Brighton goes out to a well-matured city favourite. Founded in 2007, Ten Green Bottles aspired to introduce something different to the city, an off-license and bar based on the Italian enoteca where you could enjoy a selection of exciting small yield wines served by a team of friendly wine enthusiasts. You got a taste for the concept and have been drinking it in ever since.

2nd place

Coming in second place for Best Wine List is Fourth and Church who bring together a mix of equal parts restaurant, wine bar and off-licence. When it comes to choosing a wine list to go with your meal you went for ‘more is more’ with these wine merchants offering an extensive list of world wines, many by the glass and by the bottle and as take out, should you find yourself not wanting the night to end with the meal.

3rd place

L’Atelier du Vin was a concept many years in the making: amassing a selection of 700+ wines and training up a team of sommeliers to guide guests through the imposing list with a friendly steering hand. What happened then is strange since they veiled themselves in the guise of a secret speakeasy and made themselves hard to find. The hardest won fruits taste the sweetest, it seems.

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